Quotes from previous conference participants

“A wonderful blend of mental, spiritual, and psychological stimulation, reflection, silence, worship and free time.”

“Enjoyed the variety, the vast experience, expertise and humour of the speakers.”

“The balance of worship, study and rest was very good.”

“Opportunity for most of the self to be used i.e. head, heart, spirit, creativity, humour, aloneness, relatedness, imagination and reflection.”

“The warmth has helped my spirit to start flickering again after feeling dead”

“It has been the bringing together of my two worlds (faith and work), which I have not really been able to do in any other context, which has been so very enabling, empowering”

“I have gained strength and understanding by talking with those facing similar issues in their churches”

“I came as an impostor – and within the first few hours had been warmly welcomed. I have felt an overwhelming love here. I have been able to explore my depths. I have received healing, sanctuary and space. I have forged new friendships.”