Flow and Ebb: playing in the shallows… diving in the depths

Sometimes our life feels in full flow, deep, rich, full of expectancy. Sometimes it can feel thin, as though ebbing away. Some waiting times are good – bulbs growing, bread rising. Sometimes waiting just feels desolate and full of despair. We struggle to wait and watch as life unfolds. We try to trust the process but long to hurry it along!

In pastoral care or counselling settings these tensions need to be explored in order to weather them. Discovering how or when to dare to go into the deep, or when we need to wait patiently. Learning from nature’s rhythms can be part of a journey of transformation that brings balance and gives life.

During the 2014 conference we explored the watching, waiting, distance and rhythm of life conveyed by “Flow and Ebb”. We journeyed together to find riches in the shallows as well as in the depths. Our speakers tackled the theme from theological/biblical, spiritual, psychological/therapeutic and social/pastoral perspectives.

Conference Chairs: Kim Gooding and Bill Bazely

Speakers & Sessions:

These are downloadable MP3 files – the Plenary Sessions in particular might take some time to download, depending on your internet connection

Trevor Dennis: ‘Arguing with God’trevor

Introduction to Trevor Dennis

Trevor Dennis: ‘Arguing with God’.

Trevor Dennis: Questions and Answers

Roy Searle: Rhythms and seasonsRoy at Westminster (3)

Roy Searle: Introduction

Roy Searle: Rhythms and seasons

Roy Searle: Questions and Answers

Ruth Layzell:  Transposing into a different key Ruth L

Ruth Layzell: Introduction

Ruth Layzell: Transposing into a different key

Ruth Layzell: Questions and answers

Elizabeth Obbard: Ebb and flow in a journey of community: silence and self discoverysr elizabeth

Elizabeth Obbard: Introduction

Elizabeth Obbard: Ebb and flow in a journey of community: silence and self discovery

Elizabeth Obbard: Questions and answers