Our Story

The Continuing the journey Conference was born in the 1980s in an era when counselling, psychotherapy, social and community work were viewed as secular disciplines, and practitioners with a Christian faith found few places where they could articulate the connections they wanted to make between their profession and their faith.  At the same time, there were those within the ministry of the church who wanted to discover how their pastoral practice could be enriched by the insights coming out of these relatively new professions.

Over the years, Continuing the journey has aimed to provide a safe meeting place for those who find themselves wanting to explore the margins and the common ground between counselling, pastoral care, therapeutic or psychological work, and also spirituality, theology and faith issues. The conference provides a bridge where people can meet each other across the gaps which sometimes divide us, become more aware of their edges and work the tensions in this ‘true but temporary’ community.

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Continuing the Journey Conference 2024


There is much in life – in that of our society and our world, and perhaps in our own – that can leave us almost speechless, shocked and wondering how to react and respond.  Upheavals and challenges and changes can leave us asking ourselves whether there is any firm ground left to stand on.

Whether we feel we are in the thick of things, or somewhere out on the margins, our conference will seek to provide a safe space in which to come together to explore, to reflect, to think, to feel, to worship, and to unwind, as we seek to navigate the shifting sands of our continuing journey.

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Continuing the journey is a Biennial Conference exploring theology, psychology and spirituality. Anybody who wants to deepen both their faith and calling through creative engagement with each other and with God is welcome to join the conference.Previously the conference has attracted spiritual directors, pastoral carers, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, social and community workers, pastoral theologians, carers, priests and ministers from all parts of the church.


Many delegates receive help with the fee from their church or sponsoring organisation.  There is also a limited Bursary Fund available, primarily for people who have not benefited from the fund previously. Further details are available by contacting: admin@continuingthejourney.com

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