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The Continuing the journey Conference was born in the 1980s in an era when counselling, psychotherapy, social and community work were viewed as secular disciplines, and practitioners with a Christian faith found few places where they could articulate the connections they wanted to make between their profession and their faith.  At the same time, there were those within the ministry of the church who wanted to discover how their pastoral practice could be enriched by the insights coming out of these relatively new professions.

Over the years, Continuing the journey has aimed to provide a safe meeting place for those who find themselves wanting to explore the margins and the common ground between counselling, pastoral care, therapeutic or psychological work, and also spirituality, theology and faith issues. The conference provides a bridge where people can meet each other across the gaps which sometimes divide us, become more aware of their edges and work the tensions in this ‘true but temporary’ community.

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Continuing the Journey Conference 2022

Here Be Dragons

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Canon Rachel Mann

Canon Rachel Mann is an Anglican parish priest, poet and scholar. She writes across a wide field of subjects, including sexuality, gender, poetry and popular culture. Her books include ‘Fierce Imaginings’, a study of the myths and rituals embedded in the Great War, and Dazzling Darkness, a theological memoir of growing up trans. In 2019, her book on Christina Rossetti, ‘In the Bleak Midwinter,’ as well as a poetry collection with Carcanet, ‘A Kingdom of Love’ is due to be published. She is a member of the Church of England’s central theological advisory body, the Faith and Order Commission, as well as a member of General Synod.

Rachel Mann plenary talk 2022 – ‘How to Lie With Maps (or ‘Who gets to say what’s a dragon & what is treasure?’)’


Paula Hall is a sexual and relationship psychotherapist who specialises in sex and pornography addiction. She is founder of the Laurel Centre who provide therapy and training around the UK and is also author of 4 books on sex and porn addiction, including Confronting Porn, A Guide for Christians.  Her work in the field of sex and porn addiction has included working with clients from a wide variety of socio-cultural backgrounds including those from a variety of faith traditions.

Paula Hall – Searching for treasure in all the wrong places.


Ian Adams is an Anglican priest, chaplain at Ridley Hall Cambridge and Spirituality Adviser at Church Mission Society. Ian and his co-chaplain Gail Adams lead Beloved Life retreats and give spiritual direction. Ian is a poet, photographer and writer published by Canterbury Press and Proost. He has particular interests in spiritual practice, the poems of St John of the Cross, and in theology and the arts.

Ian Adams – Shining Like The Sun: the edge as place of encounter and transformation.


Peter Madsen Gubi is Minister of Dukinfield Moravian Church, Professor of Counselling and Spiritual Accompaniment at the University of Chester, and Honorary Professor of Practical Theology at Teofilo Kisanji University in Tanzania. He has an interest in the spiritual dimension of counselling, and in the interface between counselling and theology. After 36 years as a counsellor, these days his practice is mostly in the pastoral supervision of clergy

Peter Gubi Power point presentation  – Mapping a path through the dragons.


Continuing the journey is a Biennial Conference exploring theology, psychology and spirituality. Anybody who wants to deepen both their faith and calling through creative engagement with each other and with God is welcome to join the conference.Previously the conference has attracted spiritual directors, pastoral carers, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, social and community workers, pastoral theologians, carers, priests and ministers from all parts of the church.


The Hayes Conference Centre is set in beautiful Derbyshire countryside with easy road, rail and air links. The grounds provide a restful setting with scope for short walks and there is free time built into our programme in which you can explore further afield.    

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