Rummaging for Reality




What is reality? The dictionary tells us it is ‘the state of things as they actually exist’, but what shapes our reality and how do we understand the ‘actually’ part of that statement? Is reality subjective or objective? In our 2016 conference we carefully rummaged for reality, asking what is our reality, is God within that, do we create that reality ourselves and how do we respond to those whose views or lifestyle are different? What choices do we make in order to make sense of reality or to cope with it? What happens when we, or those we work with, can’t cope with the realities that they are facing or have faced? Is God the ultimate reality?!

I have been moved, stunned, touched, enlightened and have seen several things with new eyes

Thoroughly enjoyed, relaxed atmosphere, permission to be myself, no masks needed

(feedback from 2016 conference)


Below are some recordings from our main plenary’s for 2016

Nicholas King – Is Paul of Tarsus for real?


Nicholas King – Keynote

Nicholas King – Questions and answers


David Runcorn – Getting real


David Runcorn – Keynote

David Runcorn – Questions and answers


Articles for Carla Grosch-Miller’s plenary session – Real sex, real life, real faith.

Gender and Sexuality in the Pastoral Encounter

Fifty Shades of Grace

sex-and-the-bible article, 11-2014

sex-and-the-church article, Dec 2014-Jan 2015

sex-and-the-spirit article, 2-2015

Bible and Homosexuality annotated bibliography Sept 2015

Bibliography 2016


Resources from Elisabeth Ross’ plenary session – The detail is in the devil.

Self-care in the face of trauma

Faith and Energy

Narrative Energy and Faith

The European Society for Trauma and Dissociation has a two day conference on trauma and dissociation  – 30/31 March 2017 – further details:
Here are also the five article online in the BACP Therapy Today April 2015 : ‘Working with extreme trauma’.