Minding the Gaps: finding edges, holding tensions

The conference explored those things which divide as well as unite us – issues of difference and similarity, individuality and community, separateness and connection. There are many differences, gaps, divides, edges and tensions in contemporary life – some of which we mind very much as they are a source of pain, conflict or tension, and some of which we mind or look after because they mark an important boundary.

In pastoral or counselling settings difference of perspective needs illuminating in order to work effectively. Tensions may centre around those differences, the potential for both intimacy and division. Jacob’s ladder dream and his wrestling with God, the ‘go between’ God, offers another conceptual frame for deliberating on that tension. This conference offered the opportunity for conversation with others, yourself and God in a liminal place of safety.

Conference Chairs:  Ruth Dormandy and Bill Bazeley

Speakers & Sessions:

These are downloadable MP3 files – the Plenary Sessions in particular might take some time to download, depending on your internet connection

Rev’d Canon Dr Roly Riem – Going to the Dogs: when Jesus needed re-minding

Dr Sara Savage – Addressing Difference in World View Clash

Nicola Slee – Listening & Praying in the Gaps – a spirituality for the interstices

Dr Johnston McMaster – Living in Tomorrow’s World: globalisation and beyond