Continuing the journey is a Biennial Conference exploring theology, psychology and spirituality.

Anybody who wants to deepen both their faith and calling through creative engagement with each other and with God is welcome to join the conference.

Previously the conference has attracted spiritual directors, pastoral carers, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, social and community workers, pastoral theologians, carers, priests and ministers from all parts of the church.

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Hayes Conference CentreSpecific Aims

Continuing the Journey seeks to bring together those who want to affirm both the continuity and the tension between world and church, nature and grace, psychology and theology.

Continuing the Journey aims to provide a safe meeting place for those who find themselves wanting to explore the border territories and common ground between counselling, pastoral care, therapeutic or psychological work, and also spirituality, theology and faith issues. The conference provides a bridge where people can meet each other across the gaps which sometimes divide us, become more aware of their edges, and work the tensions in this ‘true but temporary’ community.

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