Touch and Go: connecting in a fragmented world

The conference explored what happens between and within people, when they encounter each other and God in our broken world. In a range of ways, the conference addressed what it means to be ‘enfleshed’ as human beings, how our physical experience shapes us, and how we touch one another- touch which has such potential to be creative, healing and playful and yet can be so painful and damaging. We considered what the mystery of the incarnation may have to say to us as we get in touch with the gift of an embodied God who wasn’t afraid, to ‘touch’ and ‘go’ in his encounters, his healing ministry and his suffering.

Chairs: Ruth Dormandy & Giles Charrington


Sophie Hacker

Touch and Go, engaging the gaze

Andrew Walker

Touch and Go, exploring the kiss Talk

Marie Bew

Touch and Go, who touches, who goes? Talk

Dave Wiles

Touch and Go, daring to touch Talk