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4th – 8th May 2020

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Introducing 2020 Conference: Here be dragons… – the words in the corner of the ancient map, signifying uncharted and unexplored territory and the dangers that might lurk there. In our conference we seek to offer the time, the space and the community within which to explore those areas of life where we suspect both dragons and treasure may be found, in the hope that the encounter will prove creative. Whilst we are human, there will always be uncharted areas of our ‘selves’ that have not had a chance of being aired, either by chance or by intention, as we naturally suppress what seems frightening. So the image of a map can help us explore our desire to seek transformation to a Christ-like expression of our humanity.

As is so often the case, the journey of exploration can be more important than the intended destination, as so much can be learned in the process of travelling. We might discover that even our intended destination can be wrongly marked on our supposed map, forcing us to change our plans, but perhaps allowing a new and more glorious outcome. This conference will enable us to be prepared to look at some of the more difficult areas (the storms) that we face with courage and the conviction of God’s presence and guiding. This conference offers a safe opportunity for conversations with others, with our self and with God in a liminal place. It provides a chance to retreat from the busyness of life with a creative space for reflection, challenge, nourishment and fun. Our speakers will tackle the theme from theological/biblical, spiritual, psychological/therapeutic and social/pastoral perspectives.

Quotes from previous conference participants

“A wonderful blend of mental, spiritual, and psychological stimulation, reflection, silence, worship and free time.”

“Enjoyed the variety, the vast experience, expertise and humour of the speakers.”

“The balance of worship, study and rest was very good.”

“Opportunity for most of the self to be used i.e. head, heart, spirit, creativity, humour, aloneness, relatedness, imagination and reflection.”

“The warmth has helped my spirit to start flickering again after feeling dead”